Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 NTU Flagship Programme : Fun with Digital Painting

Day 2 NTU Flagship Programme : Fun with Digital Painting

HELLO FRIENDS ^^ It's the End of Day 2 already! Wow, time passes by so fast and I seriously had   the time of my life. Today started kinda early today with me and Xavier waking up at 6.30. We went to shower and get ready for the day. Surprisingly, the toilets were empty :) It's actually a really good thing!  After our shower we went back to our rooms to get ready and soon, we headed of to the Function Room for Breakfast and a brief of today's activities. We arrived and got our breakfast. I had carrot cake but Xavier and I exchanged our food in the end. 

There were two choices : Fried Noodles or Carrot Cake

After breakfast, we headed of to our "school" where the lessons would be held at. My group went back to the ADM Building which thank god, was just a stone throws away from the dormitories. We waited at the ADM café for a while before our Instructor, Prof. Martin Constable brought us into the class room. I felt like it I was in an office which made me sort of feel like I was in Google. We were given our "pens" that would be used on our screen! We were so fascinated by the movable screens and "magical" pens and before we knew it we had a short Intro to Photoshop by Prof Martin. 

The ADM Cafe

Lunch came shortly after the briefing. Our teacher in charge, Miss Wong brought us to food court 2 where we had our lunch. Many of us visited the nearby 7-11 as well as it was so different compared to the normal ones you see. They had waffles and all sort of cool stuff. As for me, I headed to the Food Court where I indulged myself in some awesome Ayam Penyet :)))

As prompt by Prof Martin, we had to report at the PHOTO STUDIO after lunch as we would be taking the photographs that we will be using for our own creations. The photo studio was so cool! I've never really visited one before and I've always wanted to.

 After that was done, we head back in the classroom and started on our work. I have to say it was FIVE  long and painful hours. Everyone had problems with photoshop but with Prof Martin and his wonderful  assistants help, we were able to all finish our task promptly. Haha, here's my weird and crazy creation~

OKOK, It's time for a bathe, and I gtg now, bybbbbbbbb~

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